the droplets

by the droplets

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Self-titled release by the droplets.


released February 28, 2016



all rights reserved


the droplets Madison, Wisconsin

The droplets are Tom Hanson and Gordon Ranney. We make loud, fuzzy pop music ... guitars will jangle, shoes will be gazed upon, dreams will go bump in the night.

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Track Name: dreams in the morning sun
you’re golden/ where are you going?
and you know it/ cold winds are blowing
it’s overflowing/ time getting weary
it always calling to you

lover/ you won’t escape it
you’ll find no cover/ no way to shake it
don’t you wonder?/ feel the weight of
another tumbledown day?

dreams in the morning sun, every one
soon have their way, and run

all the summer/ it was the morning
every flower/ was a warning
don’t you cower/ come wake it slow, slow
it’s a long, long way ‘round

you’re open/ parting the clouds above
always hoping/ look for your long lost love
don’t you notice?/ you’re getting weary too
in your mind’s eye view now

dreams in the morning sun, they roll on
dreams for a day, then they’re gone
it’s not too late, not too long
Track Name: joy
walls of clouds tipping tumble into what we wish and who we will
sheets of rain wrap us, clothe us as we wake and we are new

I want nothing more than to be here with you
I want nothing less than what is
breaking through
coming through
slipping through

whiteout of snow blurs us, covers all of our yesterdays
shimmering sea of silver, we shapeshift and drift away

I want nothing more than to be here with you
I want nothing less than what is
breaking through
coming through
slipping through … with you
Track Name: ride your halo
let me ride, ride on your halo
spin me 'round, never let me go
let me float, weightless on your holy ground

light me with your moonbeam
guide me to your secret sun

lift me up, up into your golden tower
save me from another humdrum hour
I can’t wait, wait for what may never come

lead me to your altar
show me all your sacred fire
let me be the only
acolyte you desire

night is cold, shadows slither on the wall
it’s a slow eclipse and long, long fall
when I’m with you it’s a different song

light me with your moonbeam
guide me to your secret sun
let me be your only
be your only one
spin me on your halo
fly me on your angel’s wings
forget about tomorrow
don’t know what it brings
Track Name: scatter
Taking - taking interest
Waking - waking dream
Seeming - ageless instance
Far so far - to go
Minor - to no one
Taking - taking water
Shaking - from the cold
What is - and what isn't
Timeless - decided
Wonder - if you hear me
Broken - broken image
Spoken - in a hush
Knowing - if they knew it
They knew more than most
Scatter - scatter
Track Name: not this time
One perfect day with you
Before you left me here alone
I'll never know where you have gone
Now all I see - is what you were to me
When you were just a girl
You didn't see that it could end
There always seemed to come another day
And then it falls apart, it only breaks your heart
It's nothing you can ever mend
Now spring has come again
I see you digging in the earth
The things you planted have taken root in me
The sky a pale blue, a soft and milky hue
The scented breeze has set me free
If you came back to me
I'd know exactly what to do
Get in a car and drive you home again
We'd spend the day, just like we used to do
I'd tell you that it never ends
I'd stay with you, tell you everything
Please tell me it will never end
Track Name: starburn
I -- don't know what you want me for
take my hand and taking more
than I ever had to give
And you -- pushing back in all directions
hide away and try to disappear

Sunlight burns around you
Everything you wanted came to you so easily
You can't understand it
The child of privilege, climbing on a ledge
Because you had the luxury
You fell and rose just like a star
glowing faintly from afar
But you burned me just the same
And I couldn't tell you how it hurt me
couldn't tell you anything at all
You -- liked to slide the needles in
Gently just below the skin
Where the acid could release
And I tried to swallow all the poison
Fearing I would never drink again

Leaving -- no traces
In the end you left me, did what I could never do
I can't -- hold it against you
I did the best I could, you did just what you should
You don't owe a thing to me
Track Name: hidden star
I pull at you, reach within for the hidden star
so surprised, don’t you know you wear it?
glittering in your soul, so bright you are

look at you, like a hermit inside a cell
biding time, waiting for something
what you want, it's not so hard to tell

telescope, stretch you out to the very edge
of your near, of your far, and longing
walk you right, right up to that ledge
Track Name: no one is sleeping
here is the world - reach deep within it
stop and see - see everything
turn you head - you won't remember
slips away again

now are you here
here are you now
don't walk away
stay with me now

in the night - no one is sleeping
walk alone - under the sky
blue grey and thick - (pause) holding it closer
find it here again

take all you need
lead me astray
feel her caress
save me this way